My Journey With Body Image And Food

Originally posted in 2016...

There were times in my life where I literally ate as little as humanly possible in order to look "good." Inside I was insecure & unhappy. I kept going half starving, day in & day out and not once when I was starving myself did anyone say, "Jenna, are you living a healthy & balanced life right now?" or "You have lost weight very rapidly, is everything OK?" NOPE! Instead I heard, "You are so skinny! I am so jealous" or "Skinny Minnie, you look so good!" Why do we value diminishing who we are, our very being, our body & emotional well-being, over health? Luckily, I woke up. Let's do better & help our daughters, sisters, friends & wives never have to "wake-up" from an unhealthy & unhappy nightmare. If someone in your life is working hard on their health, in a healthy way, compliment their hard work, compliment their dedication, be their cheerleader! The truth is, once you are strong, physically & emotionally; once you are healthy, nothing else matters.