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Raleigh Branding Photography - Jenna Som




inspiring and empowering sessions for women everywhere

I offer prenatal fitness, postpartum strength, caregiving and parenting support, and more, to help you be your best physical and emotional self where ever you are in your journey

meet jenna

Hello! I am a coach, personal trainer, lifelong athlete, and movement enthusiast. I am also a mother and child care professional who is passionate about conscious parenting practices.

Raleigh Branding Photography - Jenna Som

what people are saying

"Prenatal fitness gave me birth-focused movement, support, and a community. I began working with Jenna in her Prenatal Fitness class towards the end of my first trimester. I knew the benefits of movement in pregnancy, though exercising wasn’t something I typically made a lot of time for. Jenna met me where I was and tailored movements to me specifically while helping me train for birth. Starting with Jenna during the pandemic gave me one on one Zoom sessions, one on one in person classes, and then eventually small group classes. I’ve been honored to experience Jenna’s classes in every way possible. They were never just movement classes. They gave me a space for growth, to be challenged, and to be together and supported with other women. Jenna seems to thrive on holding space for you as a unique individual, with unique experiences, while also helping guide you when you need guidance. I felt extremely prepared physically, mentally, and emotionally for birth because of Jenna. I used everything that I learned in class during my marathon of a birth and it was absolutely amazing and magical."

-Brooke S.

Raleigh Branding Photography - Jenna Som

my methods

I believe that every time we engage in movement we are also presented with an opportunity to tune into our mind. For this reason, both movement and mindset work are present in my offerings!

choose yourself, and change your life.

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