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Frequently Asked 


I am not pregnant but hope to be one day. Would your offerings benefit me?

Absolutely! All practices involved in our offerings are extremely appropriate for those who identify as preconception or trying to conceive!

I am pregnant but have not been active in awhile. Would your offering benefit me and my baby or babies?

Yes! Research shows that the benefits highly outweigh the risks of exercising throughout your entire pregnancy. Each session or class is tailored to your body and abilities. You can be a seasoned athlete or someone who is completely new to movement and fitness.

What do you recommend for postpartum recovery?

A saying that we learned and live by in the context of movement in postpartum is "slow is fast." It is extremely important to take this time period slowly and to connect with professionals in the field that can support you in this. Just as each pregnancy, labor, and birth is different, each postpartum experience will also be different. 

I gave birth years ago. Will your offerings benefit me? 

Yes! In addition to working with those who are pregnant and postpartum, we are able to tune into our hormonal health in our offerings. A number of clients reach out to us for training to match their menstrual cycle, or to learn how to train throughout menopause. We believe that our hormones provide us with a blue print to our health!

What is one thing you wish more folks knew about their body?

We believe that our bodies hold infinite knowledge and wisdom. Through tuning into our movement and mind, we are able to explore and access these things. Our journey is never over, and many times holds the keys to discovering or rediscovering our strength!

More questions for Jenna?

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