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Raleigh Branding Photography - Jenna Som

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I have been a coach and personal trainer for over 8 years. I have over 20 years of weightlifting and conditioning experience, and have trained in body weight movements, gymnastics, and mobility movements for over 22 years. I started gymnastics at age 2.

I believe that every time we engage in movement we are also presented with an opportunity to tune into our mindset. We can grow in our awareness, respect, and trust for our body. With this in mind, I have a passion working with those in the Motherhood Transition. I also love working with families, children, pre-teens, and teens.

our story

I started my career as a nanny and caregiver over 12 years ago. The experiences and education sent me on a journey to becoming who I wanted to be in my life with my child. 

Through this journey I became someone who was both educated and experienced in all the things that I now offer. I have and always will “walk the walk” and practice what I teach.

Raleigh Branding Photography - Jenna Som

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some of our favorite things:

Born in Santa Cruz, CA

My first baby is my lab Zoe

Grew up in Minnesota

Love all types of seafood

Enjoy travel and adventure

I am a morning person

kind words from our clients

"I’ve worked with Jenna as a coach through the bulk of my pregnancy. She was the perfect mix of challenging me while always encouraging me to be careful and switch things up if something simply wasn’t feeling right, especially as my pregnancy went on. She’s knowledgeable and non intimidating, which was so important to me, since I am way more comfortable in a yoga studio than lifting weights in a gym. I cannot recommend her enough!"

-Bethany T.

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