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what it is

The moveMentor:Caregivers course was designed to help give you the tools to create a calm and supportive environment while caregiving or parenting!

Combining movement principles of Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization, respectful caregiving practices of a RIE-trained professional nanny, the Polyvagal Theory, and biomechanics of human movement, we’re bringing you resources to support YOU.

what we cover:

Respectful communication begins with caregiving; discover how to communicate respect through words, movement, and actions. 

From diaper changes to getting kids in and out of car seats, a caregiver is often in compromising positions that leave them feeling achy and exhausted. Learn how to navigate these movements appropriately while still supporting a child’s development.

Raleigh Branding Photography - Jenna Som

this is for you if you are:

+ a caregiver or parent

+ a soon to be caregiver or parent

+ looking to build calm throughout the home

+ interested in children's movement development

+ interested in children's emotional development 

+ looking to build functional movement for yourself and children

+ looking to be present during  your days spent caregiving

+ looking to alleviate aches and pains associated with caregiving 

+ interested in self-care activities throughout the day

+ looking to build a deep connection with children in your care

sections included:


Caregivers' Movement 

Caregiving Intention

Next Steps 

Children's Development


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our why:

We are passionate about creating a calm and enjoyable caregiving experience for all. Small and intentional choices we make in each movement and each day can create huge shifts within our lives with our children and the children in our care. 

kind words from our friends

"Jenna's caregiving style is extremely calm and intentional. It is very notable when you are new to respectful caregiving practices. It truly sets the stage for the entire day in the home." 

- Jennifer R.

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