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Prenatal Fitness

During our sessions we will train and prepare for pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and beyond. Additionally, we will focus on:

•Core and pelvic floor health and stability
•Functional movements for pregnancy, postpartum, and other rehab considerations
•Creating support systems
•Nutrition considerations for pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond
•Creating a mindset practice
•Supporting children in their movement development while respecting our own movement throughout the day

All experience levels with fitness welcome. These sessions will meet you where you are today and also give you the tools to look forward!

postpartum strength

During our sessions we will work to reconnect with your breath and functional movement patterns post pregnancy.

The first session will be centered around establishing what your unique wants and needs are. The following weeks will slowly work through rehab and rebuilding strength.

At the end of the sessions you will feel confident returning to a movement practice that meets you where you are today!

Private Postpartum Training is recommended for those who are at least 6 weeks postpartum and have received clearance from a healthcare professional.

caregiving + parenting

We are extremely passionate about Conscious Caregiving practices. In order to support the child or children in our care, we must engage in some internal work. Many times the way we parent or provide care is a mirror into our mindset. Intentionally questioning these practices can lead to huge shifts in the relationship with our unique child or children in our care.

Additionally, once we have examined our mindset, I believe it is important to examine how we physically provide care to children. Our favorite phrase in the context of child care is “low and slow.” We approach children on their level and show respect for their body, mind, and spirit with each interaction.

Lastly, we can apply the concept of conscious mindset and movement to our lives as caregivers! Caring for children is a emotionally and physically demanding experience. Utilizing self-care practices and functional movement can allow us to be more present with children in our care and provide ourselves with more grace.

private sessions

Each individual has a unique story. With this in mind, creating a individualized approach to your movement practice may help you reach your goals in a more supported way!


Areas of specialty:

•children, preteen, teens
•conditioning & high intensity

and more!

We are happy to create custom offerings to meet your wants, needs, and goals!

Each session and class is designed to meet you exactly where you are today! We begin each offering with breath work to set our intention for the day. Next, we move through function core movements, strength, a movement flow, down-regulation, and end with something to consider as we finish our time together. Our focus is to honor both our movement and our mind!

the heart of our sessions

Raleigh Branding Photography - Jenna Som
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